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2 delicious ranges from 2 dedicated Green Tea lovers!

Green “tea lady” #1 is Dr Hua He. Born and raised in Shanghai China, Hua qualified as a doctor there before embarking on a successful medical research career in Europe, settling in the UK 10 years ago! Hua grew up with the traditional health & wellness knowledge of Green Tea and other fruit & botanicals that had become part of everyday life in the “Middle Kingdom” for over 4,000 years. 

Green “tea lady” #2 is Sophia Nadur. Sophia was born in Trinidad (yes! she’s a true “island girl”) and grew up around lots of fresh fruit and natural drinks. She holds degrees in Physiology, Law & Business and worked for 20+ years in the global food & drink industry before hanging up her “corporate boots” to launch a healthier drinks startup with Hua. A proud Brit since the early 2000’s, Sophia’s mission in life now is to give folks no excuse to add green tea to their daily routine. That her mother has Type 2 diabetes has given her extra motivation to get Tg drinks available as widely as possible. 

  • We put our hearts, sweat, experience and own funds on the line to bring beverages that folks want – i.e. hot or cold refreshment without any of the bad stuff and a bit extra to make you feel good!
  • We have received coaching support from Chris McLaughlin, Lisa Tse MBE and Bob Beveridge. The British Library & IP centre have been helpful ass well as green tea lovers both here in the UK and in China.
  • We are grateful also to our families and close friends who have patiently responded to numerous questions during the development stage, and to our Facebook & “live” tea tasters who provided vital feedback over the past months!
  • We have done our best to bring these wonderful drinks to the marketplace as quickly as possible and we hope that you will join our movement to work together on getting more folks to have healthier & accessible healthier drink choices.
  • Packaging graphics by London-based independent designer Peter Gibbons Website design by Gray Dudek and his fantastic team at Birmingham-based Planet 9 Digital. Website updates by digital designer extraordinaire (and Sophia’s sister) Michele Davis.

Datamonitor cites Tg Green Teas as one of only a handful of new drinks globally that meet the evolving needs of consumers i.e. health demands for both added and in-built natural health benefits.(Consumer and Consumer and Innovation Trends in RTD Tea” -March 2015).

Action on Sugar supporting Tg Green Tea via a very gracious tweet.


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