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Tg Green Tea+

Green tea leaves and wooden spoon isolated on white (Shallow dof)

Tea consumption has its legendary origins in China, dating back to more than 4,000 years ago.  This makes it the oldest herbal tea known. Green tea (or lu cha 绿茶) is essentially tea that has been picked, dried and perhaps pan-fried but not fermented, which preserves most of the antioxidants and other good stuff (unlike black tea which has undergone fermentation yielding lower levels of antioxidants but higher levels of caffeine).

Britain was for a long time a major consumer of (green) tea exported from China. When China hardened payment terms for its tea in the mid 18th Century, Britain began exporting woolen fabrics to India and exporting opium from India to China in order to help pay for her tea. This eventually led to the start of the “Opium Wars” in 1839 and Britain developing new sources for her tea habit (which was one of the triggers why folks in Britain started drinking more black tea). Luckily for us all, the Opium Wars are now in the past and we can again enjoy wonderful Chinese green tea and from “the source”……sort of like Bordeaux if you are a “fine” red wine drinker.

Today as many as 15% of Brits drink green tea – about 25% of Londoners – and that number is growing all the time as more great tasting and reasonably priced green teas become available…

…like our DrinkTG Green Tea Logo Green Teas.

Hot Green Tea Drinks

Maintaining good health & vitality is vital to ensuring our bodies keep working efficiently and effectively. Ancient Chinese medicine believes that certain foodstuff found in nature – like green tea, lemon, ginger, jujube and osmanthus – help to “tonify” the body working from the “roots” up. Just like the oil that keeps a car engine lubricated and helping to keep the car running for longer.

For best enjoyment of our special Tg Green Tea blends, follow this simple ritual

  1. Bring the kettle to the boil then let it cool for a couple of minutes as better green tea needs a lower temperature for brewing,
  2. Pour the slightly cooled down water over the teabag and let it infuse for 3-4 minutes before taking out the teabag,
  3. There is a generous serving in each teabag so feel free to brew it again [in China green tea is brewed a few times in order to ooze out the taste and goodness].

Unlike many other tea brands, we have not added artificial nor other flavourings to Tg Green Tea blends so you get to enjoy the deliciously natural taste of our wonderful green tea and other special ingredients.

DrinkTG enviro-1071
TG Green Tea Ingredient Lemon Zest

Lemons! Yeah, a fruit I recognise! It is believed that lemons originated in China. According to traditional Chinese medicine, lemons have a “cooling” effect on the body; it aids in digestion and replenishes fluids. Lemons have also long been used for its natural antiseptic properties…and it’s what gives the citrus zing in DrinkTG Green Tea Logo Green Tea with Ginger & Lemon.

TG Green Tea Ingredient Ginger

Originating in China, Ginger is not simply a spicy addition to food & drinks but one of the oldest traditional medicines in the Middle Kingdom. Ginger has long been believed to help reduce muscle soreness and relieve osteoarthritis pain, reduce digestive discomfort and even lower blood pressure. We love it for the tingling warmth it provides in DrinkTG Green Tea Logo Green Tea with Ginger & Lemon.

TG Green Tea Ingredient Jujube

Jujube fruit or Chinese red date (hong zao 红枣) has been cultivated in China for more than 4,000 years. Known as the “King of Vitamin C”, it packs a powerful boost for the body especially in the production of collagen so better than what many “beauty drinks” offer. Jujubes are also rich in protein, calcium and other nutrients. It’s been used over centuries to help enhance health and vitality in so many ways that its earned the title of “super fruit”. We love it for the sweet plum taste it brings to DrinkTG Green Tea Logo Green Tea with Jujube & Osmanthus.

TG Green Tea Ingredient Osmanthus

Chinese people have used Osmanthus flowers (Gui hua 桂花) in food, drinks, herbal medicine and even skincare for thousands of years. Renowned as a great thirst quencher, it has been used to reduce bad breath, treat colds, improve digestion and help remove toxins from the body. We love the soft fruity floral flavour it brings to DrinkTG Green Tea Logo Green Tea with Jujube & Osmanthus.


Iced Green Tea Drinks

One of most searched-for terms on Google, “green tea” is not drunk regularly in Britain as for many folks the stuff they tried in the past often did not taste good or were loaded in sugar. Until now. Developed and funded by two women – Hua, a medical doctor, and Sophia, a global food & drink innovator, a London-based startup brand “Tg” has unlocked finally the secret to accessible great tasting iced green tea “brews”.

No other iced tea beverage brand taps into ancient green tea and other traditional rituals & knowledge from the “Middle Kingdom” to bring folks drinks containing special ingredients that promote both inner resilience and outer vitality. We think these refreshing drinks just taste delicious and at 7g total sugar PER BOTTLE they are better than anything else you can enjoy at lunchtime…or really anytime during the day!

TG Green Tea Ingredient Ginseng

Ginseng (ren shen 人参) has been used for well over 5,000 years in Chinese medicine. Isn’t it a funny looking root? The “root of power” as Ginseng is referred to by many people, it’s been used by millions of people in China, and more recently, all over the world to reduce fatigue, boost immunity, calm the spirit and promote well-being and vitality (and even help with ageing and recovery after illness). We love it so much we add a sprinkle of Ginseng in all of the DrinkTG Green Tea Logo Iced Green Teas!

TG Green Tea Ingredient Jujube

Say hello (nǐ hǎo or 你好) to an exciting new (to us at least) fruit – Jujube fruit or Chinese red date (hong zao 红枣). Don’t you just love the name, “joo-joobe”! We say “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, well in China folks say “3 jujubes a day keep the medicine man at bay”. More than that, it’s been used for centuries to help enhance health, keep skin looking younger and for general wellbeing in so many ways that its earned the title of “super fruit”. We love it for the sweet plum taste it brings to DrinkTG Green Tea Logo Green Tea with Jujube & Ginseng.

TG Green Tea Ingredient Mandarin

Mandarin – especially dried Mandarin peel – is often used in Chinese soups, stews, desserts, and teas. Nice! Another fruit that’s familiar but I never knew it’s also been used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine to stimulate blood circulation, help with digestion and clear up stuffy chests. We love it for the citrus zing it gives DrinkTG Green Tea Logo Iced Green Tea with Mandarin & Ginseng. This particular tea is probably the best one to try first as the flavour is most familiar – especially if you’re a squash drinker.

Tg green tea matcha

Tg Green Teas Matcha powder

Matcha literally means “powdered tea”, is a super-concentrated green tea powder that’s packed with antioxidants and nutrients. A couple of weeks before green tea leaves are picked, a section of tea plants in certain plantations in China and Japan are covered to shield the plants from sunlight and so stopping any more “photosysnthesis” from happening. These shielded leaves retain lots of amino acids and chlorophyll which gives matcha its brighter green colour and very bitter taste. The green tea leaves are hand picked, steamed briefly to stop fermentation, then dried and aged in cold storage, and very slowly ground to a fine powder……into “matcha”.

Matcha was traditionally used in the ancient Chinese tea ceremony during the Tang Dynasty, and later it was introduced to Japan by a famous Chinese Monk in the Song Dynasty (960-1279)

30g organic Tg Matcha Powder is now available for sale exclusively in our e-STORE.