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Iced Tg Green Teas

Iced Tg Green Teas with Ginseng – 3 varieties

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Iced Tg Green Teas with ginseng. Hua said at the start “yeah! let’s do it!” Sophia wasn’t so sure “yuck! green tea with ginseng, how can that ever taste good?”

So, we spent several months developing a very special drink, a naturally uplifting green tea with ginseng and other wellness ingredients blReal Tea Logo Markended in for a refreshingly delicious taste. We use real Chinese green tea leaves in our chilled drinks so they taste of real brewed tea. All of the major ingredients – including the exciting Jujube super fruit which will be new to most UK consumers – have been carefully chosen for their long use by millions of people in the Middle Kingdom (China) for maintaining good health and vitality.

What’s even more special is that we add just enough natural sweetness and not a pinch more as we both believe that responsible sugar levels should be delivered in every drink available on shelf (not just “line extensions” to sugary drinks). A delicious iced tea that’s also low in sugar – now isn’t that a refreshing change?

Logo-2015BWPackagingDesignAwards-WINNEREach drink in the Tg Green Teas range is bottled right here in the UK so a relatively light environmental footprint. The drinks are free from artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives, and available in three refreshingly delicious blends: (i) Green Tea with Ginseng, (ii) Green Tea with Mandarin & Ginseng, (iii) Green Tea with Jujube & Ginseng.

Its important too that we didn’t wrap up all of that goodness behind a boring bottle label so our graphics designer was let loose with a paint brush and mouse. It’s paid off as the iced Tg range won a GLOBAL packaging design award for what some important folks think is a very “fresh” and “cool” WBIA12015 Best tea FINALISTway to talk about iced tea!  C’mon, why should health be dull? 

Tg green teas also was a finalist at the 2015 World Beverage Innovation Awards with judges rather pleased to see a brand develop an iced tea for what it was always meant to be i.e. healthy, tasty and refreshing.GCQFA 2016 SHORT RGB

We were also very happy to hear very recently that we have been shortlisted for Quality Food Awards not on one Tg iced tea but on all three drinks!  The Mandarin variant is shortlisted for a “Cold Beverage” 2016 Cafe Quality Food Award and both the Original and Jujube drinks are shortlisted for a Soft Drinks – Fruit and Vegetable Drink” 2016 Good Choice! Quality Food Award.

So go on, try Tg Green Teas the next time you want something refreshing and tasty with your meal or while on the go. Even Sophia “the skeptic” gives it a thumbs up!