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Nichola Whitehead's smoothie recipes with Tg green teas

Today, store shelves are filled with drinks that entice us with sugar and empty calories. Even drinks that claim to be good for us are all too often high in sugar or filled with artificial ingredients. Worse, many “new age” drinks come from unfamiliar and unsustainable sources. And as for the drinks that really are healthy? Sadly, many of them do not taste great.

DrinkTG Food Envy-1008This is what drove Hua & I to create Tg green teas in London, in 2015. 

With our own savings, a few grants and buckets of passion, knowledge and tenacity, we developed a range of drinks that are tasty and low in sugar, so low in sugar that each drink wears proudly a "green" nutritional traffic light. 

We also based our drinks on green tea, a leaf that has been refreshing and nourishing folks for thousands of years. It's no surprise I guess that we have already won a number of UK & international innovation, quality, and design awards for our drink concept. 

Awards are nice of course but what really matters is getting folks to try and adopt Tg green teas. 

We live and breathe each day our mission to help get healthier drinks on shelf. 

So when a well known dietitian who's appeared on BBC and in major newspapers advocating healthier & balanced lifestyles says she loves our drinks, it makes it all worthwhile for us. 

Watch Nichola Whitehead make 3 smoothie recipes using Tg green teas in a delicious Youtube video:

NicsNutrition Tg Smoothie Recipes

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