Iced Tg Green Tea with Ginseng & Jujube

Real Tea Logo MarkGuild Producer MemberA refreshingly delicious iced Tg Green Tea with ginseng & jujube, freshly bottled in the UK.

The tea infusion is made with real Chinese Green Tea leaves which give the drink a soft, clean crisp taste.

With added Jujube,  known as the “King of Vitamin C”, it packs a powerful boost for the body especially in the production of collagen so better than what many “beauty drinks” offer. Jujubes are also rich in protein, calcium and other nutrients. It’s been used over centuries to help enhance health and/or treat so many different conditions that its earned the title of “super fruit”. We love it for the sweet plum taste it brings to DrinkTG Green Tea Logo Green Tea.

A sprinkle of ginseng is blended in to give a touch of vigour.
Just 30 Cals

Great tasting and yet just 7g of total sugar and 30 calories per bottle…… isn’t that the “real thing”?!
Good Choice Quality Food Award 2016 - jujubeBest served chilled. Store cool and dry. Our bottles are fully wrapped to limit light exposure and preserve the natural goodness and fresh taste. Shake well, natural ingredients may settle.

Due to the freshest ingredients being used, slight colour variations may be noticed. This is normal – it’s tea after all. Refrigerate after opening and consume within two days.

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Tg Green Tea with Jujube & Ginseng versus other iced teas (per bottle):

Calories (kcal)

Sugars (g)

Tea source

Tg Green Tea with Jujube & Ginseng



Infusion using green tea leaves (4%)

Liptons Iced Tea with Peach



Black tea extract (0.14%)

Arizona Pomegranate Green Tea



Green tea extract (0.05%)

Little Miracles White Tea & Cherry



White tea extract (0.001%)