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In September’s The Vegan Kind box, they included a bottle of iced green tea from Tg Green Tea, and the lovely people of Tg were kind enough to send me some more samples after I mentioned in my review of that box that I’d love to try some of the other flavours they offer. Although this was very generously gifted to me, rest assured that I received it with no strings attached; all thoughts are my own and nothing nice I say will be because I was asked to say it (about this or anything else ever, hah).

The bottle I originally tried was their Ginseng & Jujube flavour and I thought it was absolutely lovely; it reminded me a lot of some of the iced green tea drinks I enjoyed in Japan, and it was subtly flavoured, slightly sweet and had a real delicate, crisp green tea flavour that really hit the spot. The other klonopin bottles they sent me to try were their Mandarin & Ginseng (which I was really curious about tasting!) and plain Ginseng flavours.

(excerpt from the website)

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