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hua sophia organic Tg green teas china

Hua and Sophia at the organic green tea plantation

Hua was born and raised in Shanghai China. She qualified as a doctor there and then worked in Japan and France, eventually moving to the UK 9 years ago! Hua grew up with the traditional health & wellness knowledge of green tea and other fruit & herbs that has been part of everyday life in the “Middle Kingdom” since ancient times. However, since settling in the UK, Hua because frustrated by the lack of high quality & reasonably priced green tea from China where the green tea making tradition started 4,000 years ago. Then, Hua met Sophia.

Sophia was born in Trinidad where she also grew up around lots of fresh fruit and natural drinks (yes! she’s a true “island girl”). She studied medical sciences & business studies at universities in Canada and the UK, and worked in marketing & innovation roles for a number of global food & drinks companies around the globe. A proud Brit and Londoner since the early 2000's, Sophia realised in 2014 that her passion for developing "better for you" food & drinks needed a different direction and agreed with Hua to develop and launch Tg Green Teas!

Soon after teaming up, Hua and Sophia began their search to find a high quality, reasonably priced and great-tasting green tea from China. A chance meeting at the World Tea Expo with the GM of a major Chinese-based organic green tea producer led the duo eventually to a very special organic green tea. Our green tea is produced near the 887m Dao Ren mountain peak in the province of Zhejiang, Eastern China, in a small plantation that has been certified as organic since 1995. The specific growing location and tea preparation methods handed down since ancient times help to produce a green tea with a delicate taste and soft slightly fruity flavour. It may have been the effect of the Dao priests' (Taoists) meditating as they cultivated the tea gardens but, whatever the reason, the organic tea used in Tg Green Teas tastes heavenly.

As a green tea fanatic, Hua wanted this initial hot range to be the best we could offer you so that you can experience some of the beautiful, ancient wellness traditions she grew up with in the "Middle Kingdom". You can see here a short video of the plantation which we took earlier this year: 

Please get in touch with us via the Contact Tg tab or leave a comment below. Tell us what else you'd like to know about Tg Green Teas or about green tea in general. Dr Hua is "in da house"!