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Octeaber: Tg Jujube & Osmanthus Green Tea & the sweaty drag queen debacle

You are a smug mug this morning. You have got up early, despite almost self sabotaging your wake up time by binge watching episodes of Mad Men until the wee hours, in a desperate attempt to imprint every curve, contour and side-boob shot of Christina Hendricks onto your mind in preparation for some pretty raunchy slumber fantasies. And I’m not talking about getting married in the south of France…although maybe the operative ‘never leaving hotel room’ honeymoon parts afterwards. Anyway, you are up before the postman, and that’s what counts. You have made a healthy breakfast smoothie including matcha tea (thanks Teaologists – review soon), fruit and the self-righteous tears of fitness bloggers who would definitely tag your wanky Instagram shot with ‘#fitfam’ and include it in their narcissistic monthly favourites video.

(excerpt from the website)

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Tg Drag Queen