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Organic   Vegan   Delicious

Introducing a hot & chilled range of refreshingly delicious (and good-for-you)
premium tea infusions that folks can enjoy anywhere!

Do you like Tg cold?

Enjoy it cold?

We have a yummy vegan range of ready to drink, iced green teas. Each bottle is certified low in sugar and just 30 calories.

our range of iced green teas

Do you like Tg hot?

Like it hot?

Nothing beats a teabag filled with fresh ingredients, specifically chosen for you to enjoy. Brewing has never been soooo good!

our range of hot green teas


Thank you for being a part of our journey!

Sadly due to the Covid-19 pandemic we have lost our Trinidad distributor. From October 2020, we will not be able to supply the T&T market with our brands. As a brand, we stopped trading at the start of 2021. We want to thank you for all the support you have shown us throughout the years. We are grateful for the opportunities that we have had and the memories we have made along the way.

Finally a tasty green tea drink...YUM!

Folks know Green Tea is really good for them but its typically bitter taste and limited options mean that for many it’s hard to get even a bit of it into your daily routine. Knowing this, Sophia & Hua, two friends and longtime UK residents, went off in search of great tasting green tea brews. A new brand... “Tg”... was born out of that search!

It is always exciting winning an award or certification.
Here are some of our awards and certifications, for both our hot and iced tea ranges...

Great Taste awards 2017
Great Taste awards 2016
Great Taste awards 2015
Global packaging design award 2015
Beauty Shortlist Award 2017
Food Matters Live 2017 finalist
Sugar wise
Sugar Reduction Awards Winner
World Beverage Innovation Award 2015
Q Awards commended 2016

Natural energy

Tg Green Tea's ready to drink, iced green teas.

cold Tg Green Tea

Tg green tea is a tasty pick-me-up refresher that’s also low in sugar! It’s iced tea as how it’s meant to be; Smart. Sassy. Social…..really, like nothing you’ve tried before. Bottled with pride in Britain. Winner of a Beverage World Global Packaging Design Award, a World Beverage Innovation Award, and a UK Cafe Good Choice! Quality Food Award.

Tg Green Tea with ginseng and mandarin
Tg Green Tea with ginseng and mandarin
Tg Green Tea with ginseng and jujube
Tg Green Tea with ginseng and mandarin
Tg Green Tea with ginseng
Tg Green Tea with ginseng and mandarin

Vegan certified. Sugarwise certified. As importantly, Tg Green Tea is tea lover approved! Drinkup.

Brew your own

Tg Green Tea's tea bags are the only choice for your hot brew.

cold Tg Green Tea

Try Tg Green Tea and you will banish the stale bags of bitter green tea dust to the back of your cupboard. Tg green tea is organic green tea at its delicious best, some blended with other ancient wellness fruit & herbs. Like nothing you’ve brewed before.

Gold stars winner of the 2019 / 2018 / 2017 / 2016 / 2015 Great Taste Awards. Best Well-being Tea at the 2017 World Beauty Shortlist Awards. Tea lover approved. Drinkup.

Tg Green Tea with jujube and osmanthus
Tg Green Tea with jujube and osmanthus
Tg Green Tea with ginger and lemon zest
Tg Green Tea with ginger and lemon zest
Tg Green Tea
Tg Green Tea

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  • Tea fuels our day at The Beauty Shortlist and this Great Taste Awards winner has just become our new tea-time favourite

    - Winner, Best Wellbeing Tea, 2017 Beauty Shortlist Awards
  • Tg is an ideal liquid base for smoothies as well as for a healthier drink on the go.

    - Nichola Ludlam-Raine, Registered dietitian and BBC TV health commentator
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